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One of the saddest cartoons ever 
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Post One of the saddest cartoons ever
Note: I copied this post from my original that was on the movie discussion section. Hopefully this might get some more attention.

Today I would like to show you a short cartoon. Some of you may have never seen it before. Some of you may have seen it before but very young (probably on old VHS compilations). It is a Casper the Friendly Ghost cartoon called "There's Good Boos To-Night." Some of you might read this and think "Really? A Casper cartoon?" But please, give it a chance.

A brief synopsis: While all the other ghosts are out scaring people, Casper instead tries to find a friend. He strikes out three times until coming across a baby red fox named Ferdie. All is right with the world. That is, until everything goes to hell.


Honestly, this short got to me. It had me emotionally invested in a way no other Casper cartoon had. I guess I can understand why Famous Studios/Harveytoons never tried to make another Casper short like this. It wouldn’t be very commercially viable, not to mention upsetting for young children. However, I felt such a decision denied a chance for the character to have more depth and gravitas.

In summation, I felt this short was very good and had something to say about the need for companionship and the frailty of life. Not to mention it’s extremely cute.

So what are your thoughts?

Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:35 pm
Post Re: One of the saddest cartoons ever
There are quite a few similarities with the Disney cartoon "Ugly Duckling" (1939).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THmHFHBWQZc (I hope this doesn't get pulled from YouTube anytime soon)

The "different" ugly duckling also is rejected three times trying to find someone who loves him (in this case a mother). My thoughts: the Disney cartoon is is almost as sad as the Casper cartoon - and the ending is just as unsatisfying when you come to think about it:

[Reveal] Spoiler:
In the Casper cartoon Ferdie the Fox had to die and Casper lives happily ever after only with his ghost, not a living animal as he had seen in the picture book. Well at least Ferdie's ghost seems to retain the exact same character - which does not make that much sense. So all other "grown up" ghosts who love to boo people were practical jokers in their lives before? Well perhaps in one way or another they were...

Anyway: I find the Disney cartoon even more messed up: on the surface it is: we are all the same on the inside. But as in the "best" Disney tradition: the "ugly" duckling is in fact, as it turns out "royalty" - and one day will become a beautiful swan. It's like poor Cinderella (who is in fact very pretty) and of course she gets her Prince in the end. Who cares about his character? He is a prince so he is also a nice guy, right?
I don't blame Disney. I blame our beauty/youth/fame/wealth/success - worshipping "culture" for these twisted double standards. They can be seen in all their glory in contemporary Brazilian telenovelas. It's almost always about star crossed lovers - and they are always the most handsome people of the cast. So all the "obstacles", "suffering", "double crossing" and plot contrivances with a thin veneer of "values" are just ornament for a hunk and a babe to get each other in the end. Welcome to the Western culture!

At least the Casper cartoon is not about beauty, ugliness or even social acceptance. It is just about pure friendship. I guess this is so rare these days, that children might have trouble understanding. What importance does a pure heart (like Casper and Ferdie) have - in our world of aggressive competition, self promotion and over-achiever worshipping?

...just my thoughts.

Mon Jul 25, 2011 5:48 pm
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