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Top 10 Favorite Directors? 
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Post Re: Top 10 Favorite Directors?
#1. Stanley Kubrick (although I'm in the minority that didn't like A Clockwork Orange that much, the rest of his work I've seen, especially the underrated Eyes Wide Shut approaches masterpiece territory)

#2. Quentin Tarantino (has two weak films, those being Death Proof and Kill Bill Vol. 1, but the rest of his stuff is just awesome. Both Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are in my Top 25, and Inglourious Basterds and Kill Bill Vol. 2 are also great films)

#3. Peter Jackson (say what you want about the disappointment that was The Lovely Bones, the Lord of the Rings trilogy was a sheer masterstroke by a genius who fully realized Tolkien's epic storytelling and was somehow able to transfer that to an unforgettable viewing experience. King Kong, while long and suffering from one major plot hole, also is a work of art, especially it's heavily emotional ending, which was tough to watch, at least for me personally)

#4. Christopher Nolan (he has yet to direct a weak film, although The Prestige was simply a "good" movie. Everything else he's directed has been either great or virtually flawless).

#5. David Fincher (have yet to finish 'Benjamin Button' but he's directed two perfect films in Seven and Fight Club)

#6. James Cameron (everything I've seen by this guy, except for the very flawed Titanic, has been great. Yes, Avatar included)

#7. Danny Boyle (really love Slumdog Millionaire, and I find both Sunshine and 28 Days Later to be extremely re-watchable)

#8. Martin Scorsese (two masterpieces in Goodfellas and The Departed, and just had a great film come out in Shutter Island)

#9. Steven Spielberg (although he hasn't been consistently great lately, I really treasure Saving Private Ryan and Schindler's List)

#10. Clint Eastwood (I love both Unforgiven and Mystic River, as good a director as he is an actor).

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Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:37 am
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Post Re: Top 10 Favorite Directors?
Like it says, favorites. So this list consists of my personal favorites and the ones thathad the most impact on me personally as a director.

1: Martin Scorsese (The king of living American directors).
2: Robert Altman (Ambitious filmmaker who always tried to make films that were idiosyncratic and required some thought from the audience).
3: The Coen Brothers (Like Scorsese they have yet to make a bad movie. Like Altman they make the movies they want to make when they want to make them. Like David Lynch, they're not afraid of being weird.)
4: Paul Thomas Anderson (Probably the greatest American director the 90s produced.)
5: David Lynch (Showed me that it's okay to make really out there movies. Blue Velvet is one of the best films of all-time although I can definitely understand why some people are put off by his work.)
6: Danny Boyle (A genuine auteur.)
7: Spike Lee (Sometimes trips over his ambitions. But strives to always make films that matter.)
8: David Fincher (Easily the best MTV bred director ever. A genuine auteur. Once you take Alien 3 out of the equation, he hasn't made a bad film.)
9: Quentin Tarantino (What more needs to be said except he took what Sam Peckinpah started to its logical conclusion.)
10: Richard Linklater (Manages to move effortlessly between indie and studio films and have bothe come out equally good. Personal approach to his films. Dazed and Confused is the best high school movie ever made and Before Sunrise/Sunset are my favorite movie love stories,)

Honorable mentions:

Akira Kurosawa (If you need to ask why..)
Orson Welles (See my comment on Kurosawa)
Brian De Palma (Despite his numerous misfires, when he's firing on all cylinders, he can make something great. I like Carrie, Scarface and The Untouchables. But his under the radar ones (Blow Out, Body Double, the underrated Femme Fatale) are just as great if not better.)
Francis Ford Coppola (For Apocalypse Now alone)
Steven Spielberg (Knows how to make blockbusters with a soul.)
John Woo (The greatest action film director working now bar none.)
Clint Eastwood (Probably the best film craftsman working right now.)
Steven Soderbergh (See my comment on Linklater.)

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Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:42 pm
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Post Re: Top 10 Favorite Directors?
My list:

1) James Cameron : A story teller master entertainer and technology wizard. A perfectionist who likes to have strong female leads in his movies. I always expect his next film to be better than the last!
2) Alfred Hichtcock : The master of suspense. Loved his 50s films and Psycho. He also liked to experiment to the point of being one of the pioneers 3D Directors in the 50s
3) Martyn Scorcese : Mob films (The Departed) and tales of men at war with their own natures ( Taxi Driver, Raging bull) the type of movies I like from him plus the beautiful exception of Hugo.
4) Francis Ford Coppola : Some friends have asked for an example of a film that I have given 4 Stars well I always come not with one but two: Godfather I and II. Excellent directed with characters well developed , some entertainment in a well told story.
5) Stanley Kubrick : Another perfectionist but with more film range than Cameron from noir (The killing) to science - fiction (2001). I have Cameron above him just because the entertainment factor
6) Steven Spielberg : The richest director with more blockbuster movies than anyone else. Jaws, Indiana Jones franchise and Schindler list among my favourite films from him.
7) Ridley Scott: The director of Alien and Blade Runner. Enough said!
8) Quentin Tarantino: I was not really fan of his but with Kill Bill got my curiosity and with Inglorious Basterds gained my attention ;-)
9) Tim Burton : Brings his dark imagination to his films. I loved what he did with the Batman movie!
10) Christopher Nolan : Very good story teller with some times amazing editing techniques (just see Memento)

Honourable mentions: Clint Eastwood, Steven Sodenberg and Duncan Jones (The only new comer)


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Sun Mar 31, 2013 3:09 am
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Post Re: Top 10 Favorite Directors?

Next would be Joel and Ethan Coen, then probably Howard Hawks. Tarantino will probably be in the top 10 someday.

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Sun Mar 31, 2013 6:29 pm
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