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60 Gone with the Wind 1939 
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Post 60 Gone with the Wind 1939
From Zeppelin on the cinematic journey

At no. 60 on the list, the highest grossing move of all time, Gone With the Wind. I've always been a little weary about watching GWtW, mainly because of it's length coupled with the fact that it's often referred to as an "epic romance". At 4 hours, GWtW is as a truly massive movie experience, but it's often a great one, in fact I think one could make a very compelling argument that the first 3 hours or so are some of the greatest ever filmed, a melodrama which works both as an epic about the death of the Old South and as a romantic back and forth. Even though I left Gone With the Wind humbled and entertained, I still felt there were some problems, especially with it's last fourth. This is also, not-so-coincidentally, when GWtW narrows it's focus almost solely onto Scarlett and Rhett's marriage. Although those two were clearly the main characters during the first 3/4s, they're given much less to do during the film's final minutes, which follows such an obvious pattern (Scarlet does something selfish, lusts after Ashley, Rhett almost leaves, decides not to for child or something else) that it just becomes obnoxious. Don't get me wrong, Scarlett's an interesting character, but watching her smack good decision in the face for almost and hour just got annoying. She finally opens her eyes during the last minutes, but that doesn't change how whiny she was before that.

Still, those complaints don't change the fact that Gone With the Wind is usually both an emotionally and visually humbling experience for most of it's running time, and the first three hours are about as perfect as a motion picture can get. A great film, if flawed in places. 9/10.

Tue Jul 21, 2009 10:52 am
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Post Re: 60 Gone with the Wind 1939
I always thought that Gone With the Wind had terrible pacing issues. Even at 4 hours long, it felt to me like there was a lot crammed in there. Thing happened quickly, but it doesn't flow well. And at some points I just thought it was dumb. For instance, when someone says "Hey, that kid is doing something dangerous and is going to die" and not even 30 seconds later the kid falls off her horse and is dead. Then, 30 seconds after that, Scarlett is mourning and moving on with her life. All I can say is "what the hell happened to your kid? That was the biggest waste of time ever!". Maybe I'm just being picky. There were other scenes like this.

That's not to say that it didn't have its fair share of powerful scenes. And how can we not mention the famous musical score?

Still, not my favorite. 7/10.

Thu Jul 30, 2009 4:04 am
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