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87 Playtime 
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Post Re: 87 Playtime 1967
The thoughts I have to offer on Playtime will be arriving in two posts, the first of which (this very one you're reading right now!) will be extremely brief. The second one? Not as much.

I haven't seen Playtime in about 4 years and, in about 2 hours, I'll have the chance to reset that clock. My memories won't serve me too greatly and I'll fail, in this first post, to give Playtime it due. I saw it during an uncompromisingly bad time but, bad time aside, the disappointment I felt was astronomical. For years I'd loved Mon Oncle to a degree reserved for the institutionalized. There was an undying sweetness that I saw in Mon Oncle that, for forgiveable reasons, I didn't see in Playtime. It struck me as cold, austere, and a little mean-spirited. There was something obnoxious in Hulot's benign "toying" with ultramodernism and (what I saw as) the stupidity of modern life and those living it. It was something nice to look at but gone was the playfulness of Mon Oncle and M. Hulot's Holiday, replaced with a 2-hour intellectual exercise in ribbing the middle class.

Years later I'm not entirely sure I actually saw the film for what it was. I've been claiming it as "overrated" but, as time crawls on, I wonder what that even means. So it's probably time to revisit the film. Now is as good a time as any.

Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:00 am
Post Re: 87 Playtime 1967
I'm holding my breathe

i started off sitting blankly at the screen wondering why it was in the top 100

After 15-20 minutes my love of this film started to grow

By the end I was completely sold

I'm really intrigued to hear your views on this one


Wed Jul 29, 2009 12:17 am
Post Re: 87 Playtime 1967
In the spirit of Playtime, I'm going to do something completely different to frame my thoughts on the film. In order to play along, and to enjoy the full 'interactive' experience I intend, you've got to do just the tiniest little bit of work. Tiny. Barely any at all.

A taste of what you're in for can be found right here:


It's a 30-second audio clip and the full text (close to the 10,000 character limit!) will have 12 or so more audio clips associated with it. You can download the clips ("composed" by me and saved in handy dandy mp3 format at no more than 64 kbs to accomodate those with dial-up -- no download times over about 1 minute!) or completely ignore them -- everybody wins!

Rather than explain the augmented fourth soundclip I've linked to above I'll wait to offer a way into this mess when Playtime is rightfully dealt with in just... a few... short... moments.

Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:11 am
Post Re: 87 Playtime 1967
Hi there

The clip is a single note that plays for 30 seconds, am i missing something?
Very cool idea - are you going to start doing audio reviews?

Lucky us

Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:27 am
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