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The Movie was Better Than the Book... 
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Post Re: The Movie was Better Than the Book...
Well as to your first criticism, I absolutely believe

[Reveal] Spoiler:
That Janet Leigh is a communist agent. The way she approaches Frank Sinatra on the train and speaks in a language that makes no sense to anyone and then asks "This is my address. Can you remember that? This is my phone number. Can you remember that?" are strikingly similar to the way Angela Lansbury asks Lawrence Harvey if he understands her instructions.

Now as to your second criticism:
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First of all, Sinatra isn't triggered by the playing card, Harvey is. But still, I agree with you that it's an incredible coincidence. However, it doesn't matter that much plot-wise. If you want to get annoyed by a coincidence, get annoyed by the one where a bartender happens to say "how about a little solitaire." That one is crucial plot-wise. Still, either way, despite the fact that I love the movie I must admit its plot is driven by those two contrivances.

However, I think that the ending is perfect. This is a paranoid thriller--you never know who's in the crosshairs and who's behind them.

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Post Re: The Movie was Better Than the Book...
majoraphasia wrote:
Fight Club was more entertaining, insightful, and less mannered than the book from which it sprung.

Only the movies ending improved on the book. Quite honestly I love them both them though.

Thu Dec 24, 2009 11:00 pm
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Post Re: The Movie was Better Than the Book...
I agree with Die Hard. It was based on a pulp airport fiction novel by Roderick Thorp called Nothing Lasts Forever. The book was written in 1979 or there about. The character was a New York cop who goes to LA to visit his daughter at Christmas time. Some of the same characters appear in the novel. The movie was better. But I do have to give Thorp points for ending the book on a downbeat note.

One area where the movie was definitely better is Last Of The Mohicans. As far as film versions go, I'm thinking specifically of Michael Mann's. But any film version would be an improvement on James Fennimore Cooper's book. I first tried reading it when I was about 10 and couldn't understand it very well. So I put it aside. Then when I was about 14 I saw the Mann film (with my father) and tried reading it again. I understood it now. But the book was about as interesting to read as watching paint dry (or grass grow, take your pick) and ultimately I gave up. I tried another Cooper novel not long after and had the same reaction. Another classic American writer that I don't like is Hawthorne. But I digress. One final note on Cooper: Mark Twain (probably my favorite classic American writer) skewered the hell out of hus work in a hilarious essay that pointed out the cliches that he kept falling back on to keep the story going.

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