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2013 Summer Movie Season comes to an end. 
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Post 2013 Summer Movie Season comes to an end.
With Labor Day tomorrow I figure it's time to look back on yet another summer movie season.

Seeing as summer movie season now seems to arrive with the beginning of May I'll start there.

Iron Man 3: An improvement over its predecessor. But not up to the level of the original or The Avengers.

Pain And Gain: Michael Bay's best since The Rock.

Star Trek: Into Darkness: Better than the first Abrams Trek, this one is more ambitious. Yet it also doesn't hold up that well over repeated viewings. One of the better blockbusters. But it could have been more.

The Great Gatsby: Entertaining. But bloated and never really as emotionally resonant as it needs to be.

Before Midnight: Third time works just as well in Linklater's trilogy.

The Bling Ring: A less nihilistic Spring Breakers. I enjoyed this one more than Korine's film. But Korine's film was somewhat more effective. One of the better ones of the summer.

Pacific Rim: Entertained while it's on. Even whne he's working in garden variety blockbuster territory Guillermo Del Toro has more skill than most. However, this is not one of his better films. It isn't bad. But it's not one I'll remember for very long.

Fruitvale Station: This, along with Before Midnight, ranks at the top of the summer 2013 pyramid and will definitely be one I acquire on DVD.

The Butler: Like The Help 2 years ago, this one is getting pretty overpraised. But it is more ambitious then the earlier film. Unfortunately, it also treads into soap territory quite a few times as well. Good voerall. But not one that'll be on my year end top ten list.

Still have yet to see Edgar Wright's new one.

Haven't seen The Lone Ranger (like many other people) and probably won't.

Also haven't seen Man Of Steel and can't muster up much enthusiasm to do so. 2013 was the summer in which I became superhero'd out.

Overall, as I pointed out baove, the low-key films are the ones I'll remember the most. Of the blockbuster's I've seen, most are entertaining but forgettable (IM3, ST: ID, PR)

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Sun Sep 01, 2013 1:16 pm
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Post Re: 2013 Summer Movie Season comes to an end.
I've enjoyed quite a few films this summer:

Man Of Steel:Huge improvement over Superman Returns, intense and mind-blowing action set pieces and some effective drama to go along with it.

Iron Man 3: Pretty good film with an interesting villain

Wolverine:Some much needed character development for Logan and an overall compelling story, though it does suffer being a bit overlong

Fast And Furious 6:By far the best entry in the series yet with some of the best action sequences this year.

Elysium:I'm probably alone but I actually liked this film better then District 9

Getaway: Entertaining straight-forward action-thriller with good performances from Hawke and Gomez that's a lot better then critics made it out to be.

R.I.P.D.: Another entertaining film that IMO didn't deserve all the negative reviews it got from critics, Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds both make a pretty good team.

The Heat: By far the funniest film of 2013, Bullock and McCarthy both have fantastic chemistry.

We're The Millers: Another hilarious comedy that firmly cements Aniston as one of the comedic actresses.

Star Trek: Into Darkness: Superb sequel that develops the characters well and is IMO even better then Wrath Of Khan

Pacific Rim:Entertaining Transformers and Godzilla-esque yarn, though maybe a tad overrated by some.

Hangover Part III:Pretty funny sequel that goes in a different direciton then the previous two films and is better for it.

Scary Movie 5:An improve over the previous two entries that has some good laughs(particularly the Charlie Sheen/Lindsay Lohan scene)

Only God Forgives: Underrated Refn film that's a lot better then Drive

Now You See Me:Entertaining thriller with some surprising and unpredictable twists

The Purge-Compelling horror-thriller with some tense scenes.

White House Down: Cool counterpart to Olympus Has Fallen and Emmrich's most entertaining film since Independence Day

World War Z:Not the most faithful adaption, but still pretty entertaining and compelling nonetheless

RED 2:Worthy sequel to the original that delivers on both action and laughs

2 Guns:Entertaining vehicle that has the benefit of two great lead actors, Wahlberg and Washington work well together.

Kick Ass 2:Best superhero film of the year and possibly better then the first film, I enjoyed the darker direction it went in, Motherfucker certainly makes for a pretty memorable villain and Hit Girl/Mindy gets some good character development.

Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:07 pm
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Post Re: 2013 Summer Movie Season comes to an end.
2013 seemed to be trying to rival 2011 for one of the worst ever in recent years. I wouldn't even bother checking out many of the films released on cable.

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Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:11 pm
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Post Re: 2013 Summer Movie Season comes to an end.
Pain & Gain: 1.5
Iron Man 3: 2.5
The Iceman: 3.5
Stories We Tell: 3.5
Man Of Steel: 2
Star Trek Into Darkness: 3.5
The Hangover Part III: 3
Epic: 2
Fast and Furious 6: 1.5
Much Ado About Nothing: 3.5
The Internship: 2.5
The Purge: 2.5
The Bling Ring: 2.5
This Is The End: 3.5
Monsters University: 2
World War Z: 3
Before Midnight: 3
The Heat: 2.5
White House Down: 2.5
Despicable Me 2: 3
The Lone Ranger: 2
The Way Way Back: 3
Fruitvale Station: 3
Grown Ups 2: 1.5
Killing Season: 2.5
Pacific Rim: 3
Turbo: 3
Red 2: 2.5
The Conjuring: 3
The World's End: 3.5
The Wolverine: 3
Blue Jasmine: 3
56 Up: 3
The Spectacular Now: 3.5
2 Guns: 2
The To Do List: 3
The Canyons: 1
We're The Millers: 1.5
Elysium: 3.5
Kick Ass 2: 3
Jobs: 2.5
The Butler: 3
You're Next: 3
Drinking Buddies: 3.5
Closed Circuit: 2.5
Getaway 2.5

In terms of the five best films I saw for summer 2013:

01. Stories We Tell
02. The Spectacular Now
03. Elysium
04. The Iceman
05. The World's End

Underrated films:
The Spectacular Now
The Iceman

Overrated films:
Fast and Furious 6
Man Of Steel
Monsters University

A documentary was the best film I saw for the summer (and for the year thus far)

Sun Sep 01, 2013 6:47 pm

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Post Re: 2013 Summer Movie Season comes to an end.
Fast Furious 6: seems like The Avengers for fast car movies in that it unites all these huge action stars. If you preface this movie with Chronicles of Riddick, Running Scared, Death Race, Gamer, Bullet to the Head, Pain and Gain, and Immortals, you basically have all those actors meeting up for a big jamboree. And that's saying nothing for the first five FFs. One of the great summer blockbusters in recent memory.

Byzantium: good, interesting, serious vampire movie. It's too respectable to become a cult film, a little too arty to be a B movie, this is art house horror which will continue to have trouble finding an audience. But for what it is, it's really strong.

Pawn Shop Chronicles: my favorite so far this year, detailing the dark secrets locked in a small town.

The World's End: great fun, despite a couple flaws.

Grandmaster: Wong Kar Wai brings his own brand of intensity to the action genre. The results are often astonishing.

Man of Steel Snyder too brought his own brand of intensity to the superhero genre and his extreme sense of pathos. The best superhero movie to date.

Grown Ups 2 and Scary Movie 5: I have a weakness for dumb humor. I wouldn't defend these films too much beyond that, but damnit I laughed my ass off at these movies.

I think this has been a great year for movies, much better than last year. And 2011 was also better than last year.

Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:50 pm
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Post Re: 2013 Summer Movie Season comes to an end.
You guys do realize Pain and Gain doesn't count as a summer movie right?

Anyways, my scores from the Summer:

The Conjouring - 9/10
The World's End - 8/10
This is the End - 8/10
Now You See Me - 8/10
Pacific Rim - 7/10
White House Down - 7/10
Despicable Me 2 - 7/10
World War Z - 7/10
Kick-Ass 2 - 7/10
Wolverine - 7/10
2 Guns - 6/10
Man of Steel - 6/10
Star Trek 2 - ...I'll stick by my 7/10 that I initially gave it though I don't believe that now
Lone Ranger - 7/10
Elysium - 5/10
Getaway - 6/10

Also there's Iron Man 3 which I never did finish since the fire alarm rang when I saw it...about 90% in. What I saw, I would given it a weak 7 but that's not really fair nor should it count for my purposes.

Sun Sep 01, 2013 7:52 pm
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Post Re: 2013 Summer Movie Season comes to an end.
Iron Man 3: Filler. Wallpaper. Good filler and good wallpaper, but still.

Star Trek Into Darkness: A big improvement over the already-decent first movie in the alt-timeline series, but like the first, makes some disappointing mistakes that (sometimes ironically) prevent it from feeling like Star Trek. Still, the new cast is much more at home this time around.

Man of Steel: I have plans to make a whole new thread to collect my thoughts on this film with the benefit of hindsight. You think I'm joking. I assure you I am not.

The Lone Ranger: It may be bloated and laden with discomforting tonal shifts, but parts of it are charming enough that I regret the way it was mismarketed and overlooked.

This Is The End: Now this one had me in hysterics. The most interesting thing isn't how these actors' real world personas are mined for comedy, but how their haplessness is played for laughs against an otherwise straight-faced portrayal of the apocalypse.

The Butler: There are some drawbacks in the telling of the story, but there's nevertheless some powerful stuff here and the cast is terrific.

The World's End: Every bit as fun and funny as you'd expect from these guys. Shaun of the Dead is still their finest, but this one belongs on that tier. Wright, Pegg, and Frost have earned the distinction of always being worth the price of admission.

And I think that's all the new releases I saw theatrically this summer.

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Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:40 am
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Post Re: 2013 Summer Movie Season comes to an end.
This should be quick. Not many movies came out that I wanted to see.

Pacific Rim: Fun. Not the super amazing spectacular movie nerds around the world are praising it for though. Maybe if I loved giant fightin’ robots on some sort of spiritual level. I don’t know.

Monsters University: I do think it’s a novel idea to take the characters from Monsters Inc and put them in a college setting. The movie definitely feels by the numbers and there’s not a lot of humour for the adult audience, but it’s still really well made. I guess I just wish they worked the premise in a more clever way or took things in a more outlandish direction or something.

Despicable Me 2: Hey it’s a movie where the guy from Despicable Me gets a love interest. There’s so much personality bubbling beneath the surface, but the movie is ultimately pretty bland outside of some really fun and clever slapstick comedy. They could have done so much with this, but it’s like they didn’t want to have the characters be too interesting or unique, so everyone just ends up operating on autopilot. Cool for young kids I guess?!?!?!?!??!? Feh.

This Is The End: I can’t really bring myself to care. A few laughs here and there, but it feels just so… hollow.

I really want to see The World’s End at some point. That’s about it though.

Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:14 am

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Post Re: 2013 Summer Movie Season comes to an end.
Not gonna count Pain & Gain, which I actually just finished watching, since it came out in April. Scary Movie V also came out in April, hence why I'm not listing it (that and I also am trying to wipe it's existence from my memory).

Iron Man 3: A-
Star Trek Into Darkness: C
Erased: B
Fast & Furious 6: B
Now You See Me: B
The Internship: B
Man of Steel: C+
This is the End: C+
World War Z: B+
White House Down: B+
The Heat: B-
The Lone Ranger: B
R.I.P.D.: C
Red 2: B
The Conjuring: A
The Wolverine: B
2 Guns: B+
Elysium: A-
Kick Ass 2: B-
Paranoia: B
Getaway: D

That's what I've seen so far.

Mon Sep 02, 2013 6:19 am
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Post Re: 2013 Summer Movie Season comes to an end.
Pretty damn underwhelming summer is all I can say. The only 'blockbuster' I saw was "Monsters University." I saw "Before Midnight" and "Blue Jasmine" as well (would've also seen "Frances Ha" and "Prince Avalanche" had they gotten wider releases). :evil:

Mon Sep 02, 2013 7:57 am
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Post Re: 2013 Summer Movie Season comes to an end.
Blue Jasmine was very good and Before Midnight was great. So before I say anything else, hey, that's two spots on my 2013 Top 10.

Other than that though, I didn't give anything over three stars. There were some fine movies, but no exceptional ones

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Mon Sep 02, 2013 9:44 am
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Post Re: 2013 Summer Movie Season comes to an end.
My top six movies I saw during the summer. These each get ***1/2 and the top one gets ****

Fruitvale Station
Blue Jasmine
The Spectacular Now
Before Midnight
The Butler
The Conjuring

Its been a mediocre summer for mainstream films. Very little has overly impressed. Some of my stronger three-star entries include PACIFIC RIM, THE WOLVERINE, ELYSIUM, and THE WORLD'S END. As per usual, the Fall will give us a clearer picture of how the year as a whole stacks up.


Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:43 pm
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