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But now it is hard to gauge the United States will take whatever way to acquire bin laden data, the longer the time, gain valuable intelligence less likely, or even be forced to choose to give up. Last year, the fbi will admit,MAC Cosmetics Outlet, they can't decipher a suspected money laundering of Brazilian banker hard disk.
However, the U.S. intelligence community a dime a dozen, by who decipher what bin laden hard disk? The national security agency, the cia or other government department? MaiLun refused to guess, saying only that it will be on his former boss -- gucci bags t he United States defense department hands. And according to CBS reports, little-known state media display card center will be responsible for deciphering work. This structure is low-key, no public website, but responsible for what the military calls documents and media display card program (DOMEX). In this process, the discovery of any information, regardless of the size is valuable intelligence.
Another way is to use the rapid pace of known osama bin laden after acquisition of information and the al qaeda data, narrow scope of the password may. AccessData company responsible for the U.S. government computer forensics software, the company provides professional services department vice President Chris MaiLun said: "they can use a media reports every each of vocabulary, 'custom' a dictionary."
Americans will be how to decipher laden computer hard disk data?
The United States "seal" commandos air-raid osama bin laden's compound, and will not only laden killed,mac cosmetics, and captured bin laden by use of computer hard drive. And from the situation analysis, osama bin laden until were killed before, still in command of terrorist activities. This means that the hard disk saved data, the United States will first -hand decipher the terrorist activities of material. The problem is, osama bin laden is not fuel-efficient lamp, [url]louis vuitton wallets[/url] his hard disk is encrypted. Americans can decipher, how will you crack?
The idea is that osama bin laden might use words with special meanings or phrases as the password. He said: "you can undertake intelligence." dictionary type attack Another possibility is that osama bin laden is using a and safety coefficient lower system similar password. Found this information can improve the success rate of custom dictionary [url]MAC Cosmetics Outlet[/url]ciphers.
MaiLun think that the United States will be the first to use these way and other means to decipher the hard disk, bin laden will soon out the results. He said: "if a hanging in the fruit, you can lower in 7 days. After this pick to decipher, data difficult work will face."
The raid captured bin laden hard disk caused a lot of people the strong interest, if successful, the americans can decipher found "intelligence from the hard drive female", but, if pulse, the hard disk deciphering not equivalent of a slope metal. According to expert analysis, this hard disk password the encryption method may be adopted by mathematical method cannot breakthrough barrier, but human factors might be able to help the U.S. "peek" hard disk drive storage of data, even if osama bin laden has been gunned down.
A kind of primitive way is to use the so-called "dictionary type attack" deciphered data, namely the vocabulary arrangement use a dictionary speculation password. Password based length and complexity, this process may take years, even if successful, these data will crack also has is old, talk about any value,rosetta stone spanish!

Thu May 12, 2011 8:32 am
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