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9/11 Truthers 
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Post 9/11 Truthers
Call me ignorant, but i never knew these losers were so numerous and devoted

One guy reckons the whole thing was CGI - presumably with thousands ... no millions of people in on it to this day.

My Sis went to New York last year. She said the towers definately aren't there anymore.

Maybe she's in on it too.

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Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:58 pm
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Post Re: 9/11 Truthers
Penn and Teller did an episode about conspiracy theorists like these wackjobs, they make me sick.

I'll admit there's a few minor conspiracies I might believe in(I.E. certain actors faking their deaths, won't say who precisely), but nothing on such a grand scale as 9/11 or any of the mass-shootings being "faked".

The most common theory i've heard is that the towers were brought down by a controlled demolition.

Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:14 pm
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Post Re: 9/11 Truthers
It never fails to amaze me how many people feel the need to make absurd things up -- either because they're that desperate for attention, or maybe that they're just crazy. The closest I come to subscribing to a conspiracy theory is that I maybe kinda sort of doubt that Oswald acted alone re: the JFK assassination.

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Mon Sep 01, 2014 9:15 pm
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Post Re: 9/11 Truthers
Conspiracy theorists in general are pretty harmless buffoons. But there's something poisonously anti-American, anti-western and anti-human about 9/11 "truthers"

Claiming that it's all CGI, or the American Government did it; or that the office employees, emergency services and thousands of New York civilians are "in on it" is pure arsenic. And probably betrays a quite serious mental illness.

Here is an excellent debunking of the thinking behind an "inside job". From the AlterNet website (link at bottom)

BUSH: So, what's the plan again?

CHENEY: Well, we need to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. So what we've decided to do is crash a whole bunch of remote-controlled planes into Wall Street and the Pentagon, say they're real hijacked commercial planes, and blame it on the towelheads; then we'll just blow up the buildings ourselves to make sure they actually fall down.

RUMSFELD: Right! And we'll make sure that some of the hijackers are agents of Saddam Hussein! That way we'll have no problem getting the public to buy the invasion.

CHENEY: No, Don, we won't.

RUMSFELD: We won't?

CHENEY: No, that's too obvious. We'll make the hijackers al-Qaeda and then just imply a connection to Iraq.

RUMSFELD: But if we're just making up the whole thing, why not just put Saddam's fingerprints on the attack?

CHENEY: ( sighing) It just has to be this way, Don. Ups the ante, as it were. This way, we're not insulated if things go wrong in Iraq. Gives us incentive to get the invasion right the first time around.

BUSH: I'm a total idiot who can barely read, so I'll buy that. But I've got a question. Why do we need to crash planes into the Towers at all? Since everyone knows terrorists already tried to blow up that building complex from the ground up once, why don't we just blow it up like we plan to anyway, and blame the bombs on the terrorists?

RUMSFELD: Mr. President, you don't understand. It's much better to sneak into the buildings ourselves in the days before the attacks, plant the bombs, and then make it look like it was exploding planes that brought the buildings down. That way, we involve more people in the plot, stand a much greater chance of being exposed, and needlessly complicate everything!

CHENEY: Of course, just toppling the Twin Towers will never be enough. No one would give us the war mandate we need if we just blow up the Towers. Clearly, we also need to shoot a missile at a small corner of the Pentagon to create a mightily underpublicized additional symbol of international terrorism -- and then, obviously, we need to fake a plane crash in the middle of fucking nowhere somewhere in rural Pennsylvania.

RUMSFELD: Yeah, it goes without saying that the level of public outrage will not be sufficient without that crash in the middle of fucking nowhere.

CHENEY: And the Pentagon crash -- we'll have to do it in broad daylight and say it was a plane, even though it'll really be a cruise missile.

BUSH: Wait, why do we have to use a missile?

CHENEY: Because it's much easier to shoot a missile and say it was a plane. It's not easy to steer a real passenger plane into the Pentagon. Planes are hard to come by.

BUSH: But aren't we using two planes for the Twin Towers?

CHENEY: Mr. President, you're missing the point. With the Pentagon, we use a missile, and say it was a plane.

BUSH: Right, but I'm saying, why don't we just use a plane and say it was a plane? We'll be doing that with the Twin Towers, right?

CHENEY: Right, but in this case, we use a missile. ( Throws hands up in frustration ) Don, can you help me out here?

RUMSFELD: Mr. President, in Washington, we use a missile because it's sneakier that way. Using an actual plane would be too obvious, even though we'll be doing just that in New York.

BUSH: Oh, okay.

RUMSFELD: The other good thing about saying that it was a passenger jet is that that way, we have to invent a few hundred fictional victims and account for a nonexistent missing crew and plane. It's always better when you leave more cover story to invent, more legwork to do, and more possible holes to investigate. Doubt, legwork, and possible exposure -- you can't pull off any good conspiracy without them.

BUSH: You guys are brilliant! Because if there's one thing about Americans -- they won't let a president go to war without a damn good reason. How could we ever get the media, the corporate world, and our military to endorse an invasion of a secular Iraqi state unless we faked an attack against New York at the hands of a bunch of Saudi religious radicals? Why, they'd never buy it. Look at how hard it was to get us into Vietnam, Iraq the last time, Kosovo?

CHENEY: Like pulling teeth!

RUMSFELD: Well, I'm sold on the idea. Let's call the Joint Chiefs, the FAA, the New York and Washington DC fire departments, Rudy Giuliani, all three networks, the families of a thousand fictional airline victims, MI-5, the FBI, FEMA, the NYPD, Larry Eagleburger, Osama bin Laden, Noam Chomsky and the fifty thousand other people we'll need to pull this off. There isn't a moment to lose!

BUSH: Don't forget to call all of those Wall Street hotshots who donated $100 million to our last campaign. They'll be thrilled to know that we'll be targeting them for execution as part of our thousand-tentacled modern-day bonehead Reichstag scheme! After all, if we're going to make martyrs -- why not make them out of our campaign paymasters? Shit, didn't the Merrill Lynch guys say they needed a refurbishing in their New York offices?

RUMSFELD: Oh, they'll get a refurbishing, all right. Just in time for the "Big Wedding"!

ALL THREE: ( cackling) Mwah-hah-hah!

Matt Taibbi
Full text here - http://www.alternet.org/story/42181/the ... '_movement

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Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:29 am
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Post Re: 9/11 Truthers
9/11 truthers are pretty stupid. I will, right here, disprove all 9/11 conspiracy theories by using my as usual impeccable logic:

The primary thrust of the 9/11 conspiracy theory is that Bush and Cheney orchestrated the attacks in order to start a war in the Middle East and ultimately control the oil. First Afghanistan, but then Iraq, and possibly Iran if Iraq hadn't turned into such a clusterfuck. So let's review this: This conspiracy theory assumes that the government is perfectly fine with murdering over 3,000 Americans, and taking actions that lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Afghans and Iraqis (it has been estimated that over 20,000 Afghans and over 130,000 Iraqis have been killed in the two wars).

So with that in mind, what exactly is it that prevents the government from killing an overweight dude with a small penis blogging about a 9/11 conspiracy? You would think they would have no problem with it.

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Tue Sep 02, 2014 9:41 pm
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Post Re: 9/11 Truthers
9/11 faked? Oh it did happen and anyone who'd argue otherwise is on the same level as the Holocaust deniers.

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Fri Sep 05, 2014 11:35 am

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Post Re: 9/11 Truthers
I find that a lot of the "9/11 truthers" are also believers in the New World Order which is one of the most laughable conspiracy theories I have ever heard. I mean, it literally sounds like it comes out of a James Bond movie. A small group of people who are trying to take over the world, killing off 2/3rds of the world's population and enslaving the remaining third.

There's also more than a little antisemitism in the believers of the NWO, in that the Jews are supposedly the ones behind it all.

Fri Sep 19, 2014 12:14 am
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Post Re: 9/11 Truthers
That's ridiculous. Everyone knows it was Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan that formed the New World Order.

Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:59 am
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