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Post Re: Languages
ram1312 wrote:
You guys are some hardcore mothers...good lord.

As for me, I speak Spanish. Mexican Spanish. Yeah...there's big differences in Spanish when you travel to different Latin American countries. My wife is Costa Rican and, my god, the words they use...weird. Like if you were say someone is "salado" it means they're fucked, not salted, as it translates. My kids are growing up knowing three different names for the same thing.

Two languages I would absolutely love to learn, Italian (hand gestures and all) and Japanese.

Anyone know sign language?

Sorry I'm afraid I don't know sign language.
Anyway: there's a huge difference between European Spanish (Castellano) and the South American varieties. For example: "Que haces?" (What are you doing?) - the letter "c" in European Spanish is pronounced very similar to the English silent "th" as in "I think.". In the South American varieties it is a softer "S".

The differences between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese are even more. Portuguese people only understand the Brazilian variety(s) because TV is filled with "telenovelas" from Brazil and of course the country is filled with Brazilians mostly coming from the poorest parts of Brazil, to live a better life in a European country where they speak the same language. Not quite.
Funny thing: Brazilian Portuguese is quite close in pronounciation to German (that's why I am frequently asked if I'm Brazilian) - whereas European Portuguese is NOT. It manages the almost impossible: to emphasize "closed" vowels. It's like the words are not coming out, but they stay in your throat. Once you get used to it, many other languages sound like machinegun fire (such as my native German).

...just my usual ramblings...

Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:56 pm
Post Re: Languages
Dude...so true. There are even huge differences in the same country.

There's a funny story I have about my mom and dad. He's from the southern part of Mexico, she, the northern part. Well I guess he casually mentioned one time when they were dating how he was craving a certain kind of food and she backhanded him.

She understood he was craving vagina, when he was remembering the cheese he used to eat back home.

Please don't make a vagina/cheese joke guys. :oops:

Sat Feb 26, 2011 2:05 am
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