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Post Re: An Open Letter To Michael Bay
Robert Holloway wrote:
I feel the need to weigh in

I do not understand the position being taken by some against Transformers movies.

From the beginning of cinema there have been movies aimed at the masses for a pleasant evening out and there have been movies aimed at those who fancy something more cerebral.

I enjoy both and appreciate them for what they are. I don't go to an action movie expecting "Citizen Kane" and I don't rewatch "Vertigo" and complain that Hitchcock missed out on the explosions.

I have Transformers in HD and my two sons (13 and 10) sit there in awe as the battles unfold. Of course it's big, but it's definitely not dumb.

I would offer a counter position that Michael Bay knows exactly what people want and he develops films that meet their requirements. He does it superbly well. Of course "Armageddon" is corny and amped up to the extreme. But it's great fun, if you're in the mood for some Apocalyptical blast 'em up stuff.

More than most on this forum I have championed classic movies (The Journey thread). I am the first to recognize that after a hard day at work and a couple of beers / glasses of wine an allegorical, impressionistic black and white slow paced film about the life and times of a French donkey is probably not going to work as well as a reshowing of Will Smith in I,Robot.

My only issue with Michael Bay is that his immense success is having an impact on cinema in general. His style is being copied and usually done badly. hence we will keep getting Michael Bay clones like McG.

I would finally add that if I was investing in a movie and Michael Bay invited me to join in on Transformers 3 I'd be there in a flash. The film was made for $200m and will take in excess of $2Bn from all revenue streams. A return of 10x in under two years. My point is that film making is art but it's also a business. Forget that and you will have little art.

In the last week I have watched "Citizen Kane" three times and "Vertigo" twice. My next film will be a German art house movie about Nazi zombies who ski round the mountains and attack sex crazed vacationers, all to the soundtrack of Ludwig van. You can see the trailer here.


Have fun, in whatever way you choose!

As always, very well put. I too enjoy a good classic or foreign film but that doesn't exclude me from enjoying watching things blow up now and again. I have not ventured out to see Bay's latest and that's more simply to do with the fact that it doesn't look any good rather from the type of movie it is. There will always be a place for popcorn flicks and I'm more than ok with that. We all just need to escape sometimes.


Fri Jul 03, 2009 6:13 pm
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